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During Monday night's presidential debate, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton was telling ISIS everything you want to do by putting her plan to defeat the terrorist group on her website.Trump added, no wonder you've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.

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“She got upset about it, went home and told her family.”According to the students, the girl vowed to get revenge.

When none of the children spoke up, one of the individuals allegedly instructed another to single out a child.“' Slap one of these kids up and show ‘em we’re not playing,'” witnesses claim the adult said.

“And then they just proceeded to start swinging on kids.”One of the students on the bus shot cellphone video that shows a violent attack on the bus.

-- Caught on camera: Adults duking it out while their kids walk down the aisle at high school graduation. "I was sitting in those same seats but they was like 'Hey, this is my family. ' so I sat back." That's how Arlington alumni Octavius Adams caught the whole thing on video inside Bellevue Baptist Church.

"A family of five wanted to sit in a certain area and the family of two came and disrupted that area.

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