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The insurgency, fueled by unemployment, threatens to dismember the Iraqi nation and promote regional instability.

Despite the June 28 handover of nominal political authority, moreover, Iraq’s financial and political autonomy will be circumscribed for years to come.

-- Saddam speaking in January 2000 to mark the 79the anniversary of the Iraqi armed forces. Illicit Earnings Sources and Estimation Methodology F. Suspected WMD-Related Dual-Use Goods and Procurement Teransactions J.

Key Findings Directing and Budgeting Iraq’s Illicit Procurement Financing Iraq’s Illicit Procurement Executing Illicit Procurement in Iraq: Ministries, Commissions, and Front Companies Supplying Iraq With Prohibited Commodities Importing Prohibited Commodities Deceptive Trade Practices Supporting Illicit Procurement Use of Illicit Smuggling and Transportation Networks A. The Procurement of Conventional Military Goods in Breach of UN Sanctions K.

Procurement Acronyms Regime Strategy and WMD Timeline Events This chapter of the Comprehensive Report details the evolution of Iraq’s campaign to evade and overcome the UN ban on its import of material related to Weapons of Mass Destruction and conventional military forces.

It also describes Iraq’s effort to use the sale of its oil to hasten the end of the entire sanctions Regime.

Bad information naturally gives the Dinar a bad wrap. Well, despite incorrect information and false rumors, the fact remains the IQD has grown in value over the years.

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As I read through his thoughts I knew that this tosh had to be addressed. I’m hoping my thoughts shared here will help many gain perspective and retain resolve about the official currency of Iraq.

Because this chapter deals with Iraq’s international trade and finance, half of the picture rests with entities outside Iraq—countries, companies, and individuals.

To tell the story, we had to describe—usually naming—Iraq’s trade partners or entities Iraq thought sympathetic to its plight.

So you need to make sure that the seller verifies the notes as legitimate before you make your purchase.

Authenticating NID notes is often done by a De La Rue machine.

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