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For those who didn't, she played Julia Stiles’ Shakespeare-obsessed best friend in the 1999 Taming of the Shrew–inspired comedy, then she was Melissa Joan Hart’s scheming frenemy in the 1999 movie that introduced us to Adrian Grenier, and she was also “the best goddamn dancer” in the 2000 ballet drama.Although none of those films were massive commercial successes — 10 Things made million while Drive Me Crazy and Center Stage both topped out around million — many children of the ’90s connected deeply to at least one of them. Meeting the ladies behind the high school classic, screenwriters Kirsten Smith and Karren Mc Cullah! This amazing pic (above) that Karren posted to Twitter when the cast and crew came together for a panel at the Nuart Theatre in El Lay this weekend! This AMAZING story that JGL told about getting high with the late Heath Ledger: Tags: 10 Things I Hate About You, Andrew Keegan, Cast, David Krumholtz, film flickers, heath ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, nostalgia, Photo, Reunion, Susan May Pratt, Twitter We can't imagine how she feels...

The film explores the issues and difficulties in the world of professional dance, and how each individual copes with the stresses.

It is that opposite of fantasy the film is most engaged with.

While ballet requires a very rigid type of life — including a very specific type of body — dancers, like most people, come in all shapes and sizes.

Instead the viewer has to contend with Peter Gallagher’s scenery-chewing performance as a narcissistic company director, teen movie staple Susan May Pratt at the height of her career, and then-unknown Zoe Saldana’s cinematic debut as the attitudinal, “fiery” Eva Rodriguez.

Actual American Ballet Theater principal Ethan Stiefel plays a thinly disguised version of himself, merely so that he can perform jeté entrelacés with cinematic abandon; and for some reason, figure skating gold medalist Ilia Kulik is there, too, pining after someone named Galina.

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