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Most VCs aren’t willing to do this as they either don’t want to deal with it, don’t have the emotional constitution for it (it’s hard to say no constantly throughout the day, every day), or don’t recognize that’s the actual reason they are passing.

At Foundry Group, our most common reason for passing is that what you are working on doesn’t fit within our themes.

At least we'd visit more often, and the taxes we pay in the city pay for services province-wide.

If you end up in one of the remaining 100 companies a year we look at, recognize that we’d probably like to invest in your company. We just spend time going deep, individually and together, on every company in this set. It’s usually pretty obvious when all four of us are off the charts excited about investing. The toughest cases are the ones where we are excited, but something qualitative is holding us back. But it’s not because we think the people (or the product) suck – we are way past that point.), but let’s just run this as the first entry in the By Alex Geana After all the slutty cyber chat, sizing of measurements and expectations, deep down I want to date.So I set one up with a potential beau after changing my profile to reflect the dating vibe. We decided on a safe first date, coffee at an UWS coffee shop with hot Columbia boys (was this safe? I get my cup of joe – hold my breath, wait for the guy to arrive–“please look like your picture” ..’please look like your pic’ …Movement between provinces was negative for most, while Alberta added over 50,000 Canadians from other provinces in ONE YEAR ALONE. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were the two provinces/territories in Canada to have more deaths than births last year.We'd need to triple our immigration to get back to stagnant population growth--- and it hasn't been growing for years.

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