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Froggen’s competitive drive and desire to be the best AP Carry in League of Legends has landed him amongst the best players in the world of professional gaming.

Mechanics and lane dominance are two aspects of Froggen’s gameplay that he believes will set him above the rest, and secure victories for his team.

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They made it out of the group stage alongside Moscow 5 in Group B and won over Team WE (2-1) in the quarterfinals.

Their Worlds run ended when they lost to Azubu Frost (1-2) in the semifinals.

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It played a smaller role in World War II than in World War I, though having a part in the Norwegian, Syrian and North African campaigns.

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Froggen started playing League of Legends back in 2011 and his first team was we kill stuff.

His first LCS team though was CLG EU with Wickd, Krepo, Yellowpete and Snoopeh.

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