Updating id3 tags

Earlier versions: When you click Export as .mp3 from the File menu, a little window automagically opens that asks you for the ID3 tag information. Audacity for Ubuntu automatically generates ID3v2.4 tags which often are not visible in other applications in other operating systems. A single command in the terminal window can convert your ID3v2.4 tags to ID3v2.3 tags.

To update all the album tracks with the proper ID3 tag info (Album Name, Track Number, Artist Name, etc.). When people download it and play it on their computer/i Pod, all songs will come up in the proper order with the proper Album Name. To add Album Artwork, select all songs in the Album, Click “Get Info”, and Check the “Album Artwork” box, and Double Click the box to browse to the image on your computer. Here’s a longer explanation of adding artwork via i Tunes.

Edit the fields for Artist, Year, Album Artist, and Album only.

Then Copy the entire Album folder and paste it somewhere else 10.

Depending on the size and complexity of your music collection, there are a whole host of free and paid programs that will make tagging your MP3 files a lot easier.

In this article, I’m going to mention the five best paid and the five best freeware programs that get the job done.

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