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Examples: 1989: G903415, G904271, 907019, G908478, G909947, G909990 1990: G006681, G007101, G007300, G007456, G007767, G008119, G008214, G008296, G009685, G010488, G010820, G011213, G011253, G012248, G012446, G012503, G012515, G012942 1991: G102288, G101030, G104574, G104576, G104578, G104662, G106386, G107029, G107030, G107385, G107588, G107562, G107604, G108714, G108722, G108723, G109600, G110104, G110394, G110802, G111305, G111433, G112075, G112094, G112540, G112773 1992: G202450, G203353, G203435, G204747, G206136, G206367, G207003, G208032, 209044, G212245 1993: G301241, G301245, G302012, 302099, G306227, G306270, G307211 1994: 407530, 410311 1995: 501051 Orville by Gibson reissue-type inked serial numbers: A five to seven character serial number like that used on classic 1950s Gibsons, that is, a digit that indicates the year separated from a four digit production number.

However, the Orville by Gibsons sometime have a “G” and/or a dash.

Left: The "inked on" serial number on a 1955 Les Paul standard solidbody guitar.

This style serial number was used on all 1953 to 1960 solidbody Gibson guitars.

Right: Orange label as used from January 1955 to 1964.

The 1964 to 1969 orange labels are identical, except for the added text "union made".

Examples: 1988: G884248, G887012, G887138, G887399, G887500, G889046, G889057 1989: G892858, G893020, G893090, G894479, G894879, G895249, G895313, G895319, G895343, G895395, G897017, G897162, G897484, G897841, G897923, G897981, G899441, J899511, G899544 Orville by Gibson – second type of inked serial numbers: A seven character serial number of the form GYMMNNN, that is, the letter “G” followed by one digit that indicates the year; followed by a two digits that indicate the month; followed by a three digit production number.

Examples: 1992: G2-6010 1993: 3 1246, 3 2320, 3 2451, 3 2467, G3-5079 1994: 4 1228, 4 1267, 4 3036, 4 4035, 4 7110, G4-6154, G4-6554 1995: 5 2064, 5-4015 Orville stickered serial numbers: A seven character serial number of the form K0YNNNN, that is, the letter “K” followed by a zero; followed by one digit that indicates the year; followed by a four digit production number.

Examples: 1989: K095511, K095754, K097945, K098376, K098643 1990: K009050 1991: K015293, K015571, K016499, K017290, K019587 1992: K028039, K028168, K029208 1993: K038978 Orville inked serial numbers: A six or seven character serial number of the form (J)YMMNNN, that is, sometimes the letter “J” (sometimes not!

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