American idol dating contestants

So while Reed has been busy off filming "Breaking Dawn" and Mc Donald is obviously preoccupied trying to win "American Idol," the two have been keeping in close contact via Skype.

And despite reports that Taylor Lautner is also Skyping with "Idol" contestant Lauren Alaina, a source tells us, "Taylor has only said hello to some of the "Idol" contestants when he has been in the same room as Nikki when she has been Skyping with her boyfriend.

John Schneider, the former experience taught me to risk without regret,” said Peters.

“I gave those auditions everything I had and was as transparent as I possibly could have been.

Sources connected with the first run of 'Idol' tell us Ryan was making mil a season at his high point.

We're told Jennifer Lopez was also raking in mil a season.

after it was revealed that he had been arrested over an incident that involved his younger sister and a few police officers.For complete list of releases including those not listed here for each artist, please see their individual discography pages (linked here in the total number in parentheses). Ryan Seacrest returned as host for his thirteenth season.Nevertheless, Clark decided to give an interview to ABC News, and the network aired a one-hour special despite allegedly hearing from Abdul's lawyer Marty Singer, who threatened to sue.This article provides a list of albums recorded by alumni of the popular American televised singing competition American Idol in the post-Idol career. Total albums sold listed in this pages for each artist is shown first.

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