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That's probably why the best she can do nowadays is to date retired former NFL players, instead of active ones.

Simpson and former NFL tight end Eric Johnson hooked up and announced their engagement this year.

Somehow she landed the Oscar winning director despite possessing the maturity of a grade schooler.

After a night at his place she sent a email to fifteen of her closest friends detailing the encounter down to the last detail, criticizing Tarantino’s manhood and making fun of his kinks.

But unfortunately, this amazing reflexologist (who can read your mind by just laying her hands on your feet) moved back to Brittany, by the ocean.

She comes back to Paris every two months for a day or two, and the she texts you to announce her visit you feel relieved. A one-hour treatment is enough to soothe your aura and re-inject some energy inside every molecule of your body.

Bo is still dazed and confused, but her Spidey senses tell her to snoop around the house. If this were a bed-and-breakfast the Trip Advisor reviews would read “Quaint. Dungeony.” The family tells her they’re for their own safety because they’re being haunted by a ghost who comes for them on the same day every year.

Man, Lauren is never getting back her security deposit.You don’t walk outside her treatment room—you outside.And when you don’t have the time to spend a whole weekend on the coast with Gwenn for a quick aura fix, Jennifer Lafontan is another—indispensable—option (forgive my ' Brad Pitt' way of speaking) for foot therapy.Jessica Simpson is clearly just an afterthought for Tony Romo. In fact, the Cowboys quarterback just got engaged to this beautiful blonde.He upgraded with an up-and-coming beauty queen after he dumped the former pop star. Jets fans remember Jenn for being a hottie sideline reporter in the 2008 season.

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