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), “butter burger” is probably the most Wisconsin combination of words ever, and this Wisconsin-area specialty style (most likely invented at Solly’s Grille, which opened in 1936) utilizes butter in pretty much every iteration you could imagine -- people soak the buns in it before grilling them, drop a pat on the patty while it’s cooking, or actually make the patty WITH BUTTER IN IT.

Where you can get some good ones: Solly’s Grille (address and info) & Culver’s (address and info) Pastrami Burger What it is: A cheeseburger with thin-sliced pastrami on top Where it comes from: Utah The origin story: Utah might not be as famous for its pastrami as, say, New York City, but they’ve made some serious strides with it in terms of burger innovation.

But which one of the five men is Lucy about to walk down the aisle with? She reminded me of all the spoiled, obnoxious girls you avoided like the plague in college. Fine performances, well, more like cameos really, by La Paglia, Hannah and Thomas and Julie Christie does a strange turn as a Jewish mother. Garcia Bernal and Boreanaz are wasted, especially Garcia Bernal.

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Six years later, he assumed the dual roles of corporate general counsel and senior environment scientist for Advanced Sciences, Inc., an environmental consulting firm.

To wit, since the invention of the “hamburger sandwich” in Connecticut in the late 1800s, folks all over this great nation have tested new ways to grill some meat and stick it on a bun, and today there are as many regional burger styles as there are things to put on a burger (read: infinite).

These are the 16 essential regional American burger varietals.

The recipe was specifically designed to stretch ingredients further for those lean-times, and the soy meal extender gives the burgers a tender interior and crunchy exterior.

Where you can get some good ones: White Trolley Cafe (address and info) & Slugburger Cafe (address and info) What it is: A burger with butter in the patty, on the patty, or on the bun Where it comes from: Wisconsin The origin story: Not just a term used to describe a girl who’s smokin’ hot everywhere except for her burger (hey-o!

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