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We have however uncovered 5 workarounds you can use to bypass the Facebook Messenger app and send Facebook messages instantly.

This is unless you are fine with the Facebook Messenger app which, as a matter of fact, works just fine.

Allo (pronounced like "Aloe" and not like "'allo, guv'nor!

") is a mobile-only app that you might think is meant to replace Google's other messaging app, Hangouts. Allo is explicitly meant to be a fresh start for Google's new communication's division (which also runs Hangouts and Project Fi).

It's called Allo and its main feature is a Google assistant that's built right in.

Ultimately, my decision came down to typeface preference, but I appreciated the care given to each option, with particular attention paid to weight, spacing and kerning. I was a little bit slow and offered with it at first because what the heck do you talk about.?Users had to install the Facebook Messenger app to access the messaging service.Many saw this as a frantic attempt by Facebook to direct users to the standalone app that no one wanted to use.People just do not see the need to use a whole other app to access a service that was working just fine on the main app.Surprisingly, Facebook did not crack under the pressure to restore the service.

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