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Several online sources list two additional episodes in series four: 7. "Seasons of Mist" (), the plot descriptions of which are identical to two episodes broadcast in series five: 3. Later broadcast as part of series five, they were re-titled to avoid confusion.

Successful but over-worked barrister James Kavanagh defends David Armstrong, a Cambridge student of impeccable background, who is accused of rape by Eve Kendall, the wife of his employer.

The series deals with his battles in the courtroom as well as his domestic dramas which include the death of his devoted and affectionate wife. In court, Kavanagh is usually seen to be defending a client who seems likely to be convicted until a twist in the case occurs, but occasionally Kavanagh is seen in a prosecuting role.

Selon leurs sources, le couple est depuis trois mois ensemble, même s’ils n’ont pas parlé en public de leur romance, et s’abstiennent de commenter.L’actrice d’origine uruguayenne a eu plusieurs amours avec des personnalités de divertissement, comme Sergio Mayer, l’acteur Manolo Cardona, José María Torre, le chanteur chilien Beto Cuevas et Alejandro Ibarra.Barbara Mori a été vu à au petit écran pour la dernière fois dans le téléfilm Rubí…In 1509, another Portuguese Armorial Book (Livro do Armeiro-mor). A book printed by Plantin, Antwerp, representing the funeral procession of Charles V composed of bishops and harnessed horses with the insignia of each state.In Sardinia the first safe attestation of the coat of arms is on the cover of the Acts of the military arm of the Sardinian Parliament, the Capitols de Cort del Stament Militar de Serdenya printed in Cagliari in 1591.

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