Paul rudd elizabeth banks dating

Ned moves in with first his mom, then each of his three sisters in turn, wreaking havoc in each of their lives with his optimistic and overly honest approach to life.

His first stop is with Liz (Mortimer), who is married to documentary filmmaker Dylan (Coogan).

Though it featured early performances from Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, and Bradley Cooper; a wholly original, off-the-rails script; and multiple pairs of hairy man-legs stuffed into teensy shorts, Wet Hot divided critics and was all but ignored by the theatergoing public, pulling in less than 0,000.

Of course, being a David Wain movie, Wet Hot is today considered a magnum opus by an ever-expanding number of fans who flock to midnight screenings and spout its eminently quotable lines.

He breaks their rules for their son by showing him a fun time and walks in on Dylan in a compromising situation with the subject of one of his documentaries. The comic setup and characters seem almost tailor made for a television comedy. It's light and funny enough, but it's the enormous likability of Paul Rudd as the title Idiot that really makes this movie work.Ned (Rudd) is an optimistic hippy living in upstate New York where he works on an organic farm.When the movie starts he is arrested for selling marijuana to a uniformed police officer.When he gets out of jail he finds out that his girlfriend has a new boyfriend and subsequently doesn't want him moving back in with her.

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