Dead man dating charmed part 1

Here are 12 of the starriest appearances you probably don't remember..

She pops up as Maggie Murphy in the second series, in episode 'Murphy's Luck', where she plays 'the unluckiest woman in San Francisco', a suicidal woman who's actually being menaced by a darklighter. star and general all-round legend popped up in the season 4 finale 'Witch Way Now' as Agent Jackson, a witch hunter working as an FBI agent.

In the present day The Charmed Ones are the three Haliwell sisters who have the 'Power Of Three'.

This combined power makes them worthy adversaries for the modern day demon.

He's descended from a long line of witch hunters and actually has a go at burning someone at the stake. smoothie Jon Hamm guested on episode 11 of season 7 as Jack Brody, deceased father of series regular Kyle Brody, the sometime boyfriend of Paige.

In 'Ordinary Witches', Kyle travels back to the time of his parents' murder to discover that demons were responsible for their demise.

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You're really Hecate, Queen of the Underworld, you're pregnant with a demon child, which means... Phoebe: Well, the spell works by blood calling blood, so it shouldn't hurt.. yet; I need more "me time" before we can have "we time" (makes air quotes), and my personal favorite: It's not you, it's me. (she stops, and raises her hand to move Pratt onto the pyre)Phoebe: (starting to cry) Wrong thing done for the right reason...still the wrong thing. Okay, I look ridiculous, I am wearing clothes from the ex-boyfriends pile, I have hair in strange places and I have a PENIS! Someone with a good heart, and personality and looks to match. Kate: Thistle says that if you really believe in fairies, there's something that can make you innocent again so you can see her. Piper: What I mean is I'm this super powerful witch who's engaged to a whitelighter saving the world from evil on a daily freaking basis, and all these people are going to see is the same pitiful loser who still lives at home with her sisters and her unemployed boyfriend. Our entire future , our entire destiny could be wiped out just like that. But if there's one thing you learned over the last three years it's that there's always a reason for everything. Cole: Well, I dunno, I'm still searching for who I am.

He played a mortal named Eric Bragg that is being hunted by The Collectors. The actress has been nominated for five Oscars, but she started out on TV.

She played Maggie Murphy in season 2 who is a mortal that becomes a Whitelighter.

The movie and television star was in "Cat House" as the Family Hunter, a warlock that hunt people to stop them from protecting witches.

He ends up hunting down Kit, the former familiar of the Charmed Ones., but back in the day he was in the episode, "They're Everywhere" with Dean Norris.

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