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The eight-song production features "Red Love" as well as her cover of "Hold On, We're Going Home".On February 25, 2014, a shortened version of the mixtape was released on i Tunes without the songs "Shotgun Love" or "I Got It".In March 2014, Pia Mia released the song with an accompanying music video on her You Tube channel.On December 23, 2013, Pia Mia released The Gift online for free.Dressed in white—from her fur coat to a Tupac-style bandana ("the bandana brings it back to my style")—Pia Mia is proportioned like a fun-size supermodel, all tawny dancer limbs and Barbie hair.The plan was to meet the singer at Hooters or The Plaza Hotel, but she's starving, says her manager—"we have to get pizza"—and Hooters is closed. But first, a stop in the ELLE beauty closet for touch-ups. I normally like a matte look, but if my lips are dry I'll put a Chapstick over it." When it comes to taking everything off, the 19-year-old chooses Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo.

He got into production when he was fourteen years old in high school and was using Fruity Loops (now FL Studio).

At the event, Pia performed two songs — “Do it Again” and “We Should be Together”.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Pia Mia She also made time for fans who waited to meet her after her performance, snapchatting and taking selfies with them.

Before we eat, she pops out her diamond-studded grill. I wanted permanents originally, but my whole team was like, 'You better not do that.' I wear them every day. You're not supposed to eat with them, but you can eat little things." We talk about the future: Pia Mia is getting ready to drop her second single. "She may be all bandanas and diamonds now, but growing up in Guam as one of seven siblings, Pia Mia Perez was a "shy kid" who hardly spoke until third grade. I started singing when I was eight years old in a school musical, ." She continues, "I didn't even know I could dance, but when I moved to L. I had a lot of free time, so I was just going to dance classes at Millennium, and the instructors, they would pick me out." Like Justin Bieber, she got her start posting grainy homemade videos on You Tube. "I worked really hard to get where I am, so when I hear people saying that I lip-sync, it doesn't feel good."How does she deal with "people," Internet haters who fester in the comments sections? If I do see a negative comment, I'll respond to the person and say something positive back," she says.

"Everyone thinks I come from a really wealthy family. I don't come from a music background," she reveals. "I posted a picture in my Dior boots and this one girl was like, 'I think you have horrible style.

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