Boyfriend is addicted to online dating sites

The past ten years have been challenging as my husband had to work 80 miles away, living two lives as he splits the week between job location and home.

Three years ago, at 50, he had a classic midlife crisis (his words): new 'boy band' hairdo, jive lessons ( without me), going to the gym, trendy clothes, a second mobile - and online dating.

He wrote that he “loves the beach” and “being outdoors.” I’m a surfer and a beach person — the two years that we were together, he went to the beach with me ONCE and complained the whole time.

We lived next door to our city’s version of Central Park, and he never went walking or hiking there with me. Message me.” You send out so many, that just by the law of averages, you’re bound to get some replies. You could even make plans for a lunch, an afternoon coffee, dinner and late night drinks, with four different people, all in one day.

We spend every single weekend together and love each other.

Except I just found out that ALL his online dating site accounts are still active and he logs on to each one once or twice a week. People can become addicted to the excitement of seeing who's checking them out.

‘I’ve met some lovely men, but I’ve also met many who lied about themselves and their intentions.’Her experiences are mirrored by many women, who find that internet dating is great if you want a casual fling, but not for anything longer lasting because there are so many dishonest men seeking cheap thrills.Instead, he chose to drink beer, play Xbox and talk on the headset to his friends.” And since you don’t like to put in a lot of effort, you probably have a few catch phrases that you send out to all your unsuspecting prey, phrases like, “Hey beautiful, how are u? Some of your targets have potential, or you got what you wanted right off the bat, other’s didn’t really buy what you were selling, so you keep some, throw the rest away, and put your bait back in the water, for the next fish, because you can never have enough and you can always find someone .The problem with online dating, even for the non-narcissist, is that there’s so much choice.Their dream of being forever in love with a fated soul mate is inexplicably foiled by reasons that never quite make sense to them.Love addicts rarely make it past the 30-day mark in any new relationship.

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    At the end of the day, this soulless approach to dating doesn't lead to love, it leads to insecurity and desperation.

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