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Many informants had secret but rich social lives within the MSM social circles in Hanoi.

However, poor men had difficulties connecting to these networks.

Van Agtmael, age 32, has spent the past seven years documenting the United States' extended conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their affects back home. I quit the glamour job in TV news and took one as a darkroom assistant in a small commercial studio paying sixty dollars a week. The biggest news story in the mid-Sixties was Vietnam.

On the weekends, I'd go out into the streets to shoot the protest and the support-the-troops demonstrations -- but I always seemed to come away with better snaps of the "Support Our Boys" folks. Bill Snead and some friends at CBS showed me the ropes.

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The prevalence of HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Vietnam’s two largest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, may be above 10%.

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A teenaged bookseller in a baseball cap and flip-flops first offers himself, then heads off to find someone even younger. He has full lips, died blond bangs and a diamond-shaped stud in one ear.

The sleeves of his shirt are rolled up to expose his slender biceps.

"I know how hard it is to recover from PTSD, trauma and addictions," he says. Art Greenspon: My father had an old Zeiss Ikon he brought back from World War II. While I was working at WCBS-TV in New York I drove the old-time cameramen crazy asking them how their cameras worked and why they were shooting this or that angle.

"In the final years of my life, I am dedicated to helping troops recover from the horrors of war."TIME asked photographer Peter van Agtmael to speak with Greenspon about his career. I was more interested in what they were doing than in some of the bullshit stories I had to cover. Tell me a little bit about your time there before taking the famous picture.

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