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Initially, Matt Amato was not at all sure his friend Heath Ledger would have wanted to be the subject of a documentary. He didn’t even like any of that behind-the-scenes stuff, like DVD extras,” says Amato, 49, who co-founded a production company, the Masses, with the late actor and producer Sara Cline. “We knew Heath had started this company with Matt where he was directing music videos. “When we started, we certainly did not know the depth of this incredible archive,” says co-director (with Adrian Buitenhuis) Derik Murray.

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Ahead of the new documentary I Am Heath, the late actor's friends and family have talked about the private life of the famed actor.Ledgers ældre søster , Kate, skuespiller og senere udgiver, med hvem han var meget tæt, inspirerede han til at spille skuespil også hans kærlighed til Gene Kelly der inspirerede hans succesfulde koregrafi, som førte til Guildford Grammar's 60-member team's "First All-Boy Victory"-pris på Rock Eisteddfod Challenge .Allan Scotts film om den skak-relaterede roman fra 1983 The Queen's Gambit af Walter Tevis, der omkring tidspunktet for hans død, havde planlagt at optræde og instruere, skulle have været Ledgers første spillefilm som instruktør .Heath was just 28 when he passed away from an accidental overdose in 2008 leaving behind a then two-year-old daughter, Matilda.Towards the end, the star was struggling physically and emotionally, especially after his split with Matilda's mother Michelle Williams, those close to him said.

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