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Register of patents PART IIINTERNATIONAL PROVISIONS 7. Protection of inventions communicated under international agreements 10A. (5) In considering the validity of applications made in terms of subsection (3) or (4) and in determining other relevant matters under this Act the Registrar shall have regard to the effective dates of the applications or the convention applications concerned relating to the several matters claimed in the specification, and the requirements of section 12 (4) shall, in the case of any such application, apply separately to the applications for protection in respect of each of the said inventions. Special provisions as to vessels, aircraft and land vehicles 10. (4) Where applications for protection have been made in one or more convention countries in respect of two or more inventions which are cognate or of which one is a modification of another, a single convention application may, subject to sections 11 and 14, be made in respect of those inventions at any time within twelve months from the effective date of the earliest of the said applications for protection.

Provisions for secrecy of certain inventions PART IVGRANT, EFFECT AND TERM OF PATENT 25. Amendment of patent granted to deceased applicant 27. (3) Every application form shall— (a) state that the applicant owns the invention in respect of Malawi; (b) give the full name of the inventor; and (c) where the inventor is not the applicant or one of the applicants, contain a declaration that the applicant believes him to be the inventor.When an international application is made according to PCT designating India, an applicant can file the national phase application in India within 31 months from the international filing date or the priority date (whichever is earlier).When an applicant feels that he has come across an invention which is a slight modification of the invention for which he has already applied for or has obtained patent, the applicant can go for patent of addition if the invention does not involve a substantial inventive step.However, this would mean that the approximate 33 years commonly associated with the life of Jesus would not be included in either of the BC and the AD time scales.Terminology that is viewed by some as being more neutral and inclusive of non-Christian people is to call this the Current or Common Era (abbreviated as CE), with the preceding years referred to as Before the Common or Current Era (BCE).

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