Warehouse design and updating

On 22 Mar, I had only 2 customers (John and Ryan) who made 3 transactions in the sales table.

Excel reports, Reporting Services reports, and Share Point dashboards are only supported for on-premises TFS.

As the payments flow through the process from New to Processing to Succeeded/Failed, you would update the row on the accumulating snapshot to reflect this.

I include the field to connect to your status dimension if you want to fiter on that as well.

Also, if you move, attach, detach, or delete a team project collection, you must rebuild the warehouse and cube.

The data warehouse aggregates all operational data, such as version control, work item tracking, build, and test.

The source systems are generally OLTP systems which store everyday transactional data.Now when it comes to loading these transactional data to data warehouse, we have 2 ways to accomplish this, Full Load or Incremental Load.To understand these two loads better, consider a simple scenario.Consider I have a payment table in my relational database, each payment has status which would change during payment process (Imagine these status could be: New, Processing, Succeed, Failed).Now I want to have a Payment Fact Table in my warehouse so that each record in it represents "All Payments in a specific hour with specific status" then on each I have some facts like Total Payment Amount or Total Gateway Interest. Imagine my ETL service has transferred and grouped payments of an hour into my warehouse, but these payments would change their status during next hour, so ... and how should I update payment groups in warehouse, one problem is I don't have any clue in warehouse to find and update the group of changed payment.

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