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Wish I Was Here stars Zach as Aiden Bloom, a LA-based actor struggling to get his career off the ground.

Kate Hudson plays his supportive wife, who works a boring data entry job so her husband can persue his dream.

"And they would do a double take and say, 'We just saw your movie. Eight and half years on Scrubs has made Braff one of the most recognisable, and bankable, faces on American television.

(From 2007 until the show ended in 2010, he was rumoured to be earning at least 0,000 per episode).

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Though it's hard to remember a time when his hapless hospital alter-ego J. wasn't wall-to-wall on E4, it was not really all that long ago.But the pair's lives are turned upside down when Aiden's father is diagnosed with cancer.Loving good company, Zach Braff was in a great mood arrived at the 2014 Tony Awards in New York City earlier tonight (June 8).Dressed in expensive layers of grey wool, he's older and less comical-looking than the rubber-faced J. I'd been expecting a fast-talking, Noo-Joisey wisecracker but he's more a slow-burn, wry anecdote kind of guy, occasionally making himself laugh – a deliberate ack-ack-ack sound somewhere in the back of his throat.He'd make a fine, if lugubrious, stand-up comedian. Scrubs has given him the means to pursue his "dream life" and go back to where he started – the theatre.

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