2become1 dating

Amanda too is well realised, verging on desperate with her relentless pursuit of the perfect man, the perfect wedding and the perfect life.

Jess has just been dumped by her perfect man and so to stop her drowning in her tears her three friends take her out on a wild night of speed-dating, belting out your favourite 90’s classics and with a cheesy dance routine or two along the way.We had the idea for the show whilst up at the Edinburgh Fringe, we had just seen a 60s duke-box musical, and after thought wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a musical for our generation, and the inspiration for a 90s pop musical came from there.We took inspiration from the strong female friendships that were on our screens in the 90s; Charmed, Sex and the City, All-Saints, and of course the Spice Girls, to help create our characters and their relationships. As it was both of our first times writing a full show, we struggled a little at first to find our rhythm.He sounded perfect, only asking that once in while she dress up as Mr Blobby and let him “take some downtime to Crinkley Bottom”…But her three girlfriends are on hand to make her feel better with speed dating – meeting new men and getting back in the game.

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