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In February 2012, Jay Park released his first full-length album, New Breed, quickly topping charts in South Korea and internationally, and went multi-platinum in less than a week.

Following the release of New Breed in 2012, Park successfully held his first solo concert in Seoul, as well as embarking on tours around Asia and Australia.

- SECONDARY - All Regions Held on SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 Released on NOVEMBER 28, 2016 Page: 5 of 628 Seq. N a m e 151 ABATAYO, LUZCAR AMONSOT 152 ABATAYO, MARIA THERESA CANDANO 153 ABAY, KAREN ARCENAS 154 ABAYAN, JOSSEL MALATE 155 ABAYAN, MARVIN DECENA 156 ABAYAN, REY SANDY VIERRAS 157 ABAYAN, SHERLYN REYES 158 ABAYARE, JEZA SILAWAN 159 ABAYATA, LIZA MARIE ALMOSURA 160 ABAYGAR, MARIETTE RESPONSO 161 ABAYLE, PAMELA FAYE LABORTE 162 ABAYOG, ARIEL GABIANA 163 ABAYON, APRIL GRACE ONG 164 ABAYON, ARLENE SALVANIA 165 ABAYON, CHRISTY LYN TAGUIAM 166 ABAYON, GRACE TOLENTINO 167 ABAYON, KEVIN CASTILLO 168 ABAÑO, JACER DESQUITADO 169 ABAÑO, RICARDO ROMUALDO 170 ABBACAN, AIGELETH LOIS LUCOB 171 ABBANG, JOHN RICK MABINI 172 ABBAS, AINIE JOY NAVARRO 173 ABBU, RUSSEL PILAPIL 174 ABDALUL, MARWA JINGKATAL 175 ABDON, ELOISA TAÑO-AN 176 ABDON, JENNY LYN LONTOC 177 ABDUL, JAWRA AMIL 178 ABDUL, MOSAIDEN DANGO 179 ABDUL, ZUHAIRA BALAYANAN 180 ABDUL AZIS, JUNAIRAH MANGODA 181 ABDUL MALIK, NAJMAH GANDAWALI 182 ABDULA, MARSHIELA DESTOR 183 ABDULGANI, ROFAIDAH RASAD 184 ABDULKADIL, NORILENE YAACOB 185 ABDULLA, AIZA ASAKIL 186 ABDULLA, SADAM KUSAIN 187 ABDULLAH, ASLIMAH KIRAM 188 ABDULLAH, FARIDA CARINGAL 189 ABDULLAH, MORSIDA KALIPAPA 190 ABDULLAH, SAIMAH TAGORANAO 191 ABDULLAH, TIRMIZY ESMAIL 192 ABDULLAH, WADZNA JOYA 193 ABDULMALIK, ENTISHAR DECA 194 ABDULQADER, NORHANA RASCAL 195 ABDULRACHMAN, NAFISAH MOALAM 196 ABDULRAHMAN, HEYBA MASTURA 197 ABDULWAHID, HAMDA HASDA SAKIL 198 ABDUSSALAM, ALAMINAH RADIAMODA 199 ABE, BENJIE SERRANO 200 ABE, JUDY ANN SEMILLA Roll of Successful Examinees in the L. See AJ Rafael speak and perform to Berklee College students in the You Tube video above.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Board for Professional Teachers (BPT) announced Monday that 31,334 secondary teachers out of 92,754 examinees (33.78%) successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L. T.) given last September 25, 2016 in Hong Kong and 25 testing centers all over the Philippines. It is further announced that 28,957 passers are first timers and 2,377 are repeaters.

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