Updating msn messenger 2016

It IS installed on the SSD, but the speed that I have come to expect is just not there. if some one is from the support team, please contact me to figure out my problem and fix it!! It won't update profile pictures for me or my friends either. It takes forever to load and open just to get started.I tried everything from reinstalling to different machines, but it is just very slow. I would use the website if the messenger worked properly there, but I can't even scroll on the website to see my messages. It's been a struggle just to talk to anyone anywhere. It's also unreliable as is the actual Facebook app itself but at least this one will let me log in and use it every once in awhile. How many times can I uninstall and install these apps again??

Seems my account was hacked/phished causing multiple problems. For those of you who dont know, this means that my computer boots up in 16 seconds. This application doesn't fit into the category. It needs animation and design improvements the emoji menu record and gif menu has open up animation when you open it the rest of the app needs slide animation when you click on home people and settings the same slide side to side animation when viewing multiple pictures in messages to oh and i just remembered a crucial thing you need to make use of the hidden icons menu on windows 10 to run the app better in background without having to wait long to start up the app everytime because to be honest it takes awhile to start up and i believe it will make the notifications work better because the app will be running full on in the background unless you the user exits it from the hidden icons menu you need to take thing into consideration btw example when you close the app instead of it closing completely it hides in the background in the hidden icons tray i saw other store messenger apps dev *telegram* use this windows function its a very good app. im hooked on facebook and really need the messenger, but somehow it does not work!!! It crashes on me constantly and it takes forever to load up, and even then I have to minimize and maximize it several times to get it to come up.However, the original Windows Live Essentials was referred to as the website serving the purpose of allowing users to discover new Windows Live services.The Windows Live Essentials website was integrated tightly with Windows Live Dashboard, an application which offers a view of the services the user already has and what new Windows Live software and services are available.There is a new feature in messenger that lets you play games on your phone and challenge your friends to beat your scores. I am unable to use that or most of the other small features available on my android phone.

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