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Would they really have assumed that the absolute statements included exceptions?Too many myths and misunderstandings are being perpetuated in this area of our faith. which ) has two dimensions: it’s an intimate, personal act between you and the Person and Christ and is also a public act of being in communion with the rest of his Body. The outward act of receiving the Eucharist is a visible, public sign of the invisible union of your mind, will, and heart with Christ and his Church and all that she proposes for your belief.

As it turned out, this woman and I were opposites in every way.

During a conversation with her, she said to me, “I’ve got to find a man to support me.” Within four months she had found a man, moved herself and her children into his home and started planning a wedding.

I ran into her a couple of years later and she had a new baby on her hip.

Mary, a mother of three, grandmother of six (five of them are living), and great-grandmother of eight from Knoxville, TN, was widowed for 20 years before she found love again.

“I guess it took me quite awhile,” says White, 72, a retired preschool teacher.

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    I looked at her like she was certifiably insane, not to mention shallow. They have to, in order to afford to live here -- and I’m not just talking about rent.

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    Like many veterans during this day, Falconer received his Medal through the mail and while the award was never officially presented by a military officer.