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Audrey Vachon was recently refused service at Le Stud in Montreal's gay village after sitting down with her father for a quiet afternoon pint.A waiter came over and told her father, Gilles, that the bar doesn't serve women.The suit says he requested a refund within 90 days of signing up, but the matchmaker never paid up. He had also been lured by ads that saythe service is "akin to having a stylish, savvy female friend constantly on the prowl for you" in search of mates who have "that 'special something' that [matches] your personality and criteria." "As a client of Amy Laurent, you can expect from her to never have you settle for anything less than perfection in a mate," the firm's Web site says. "He didn't tell me that he was unhappy," she told the Daily News.

Gay pickup bar with ban on women faces human rights complaint Wed May 30, PM MONTREAL (CP) - A woman who was turned away from a gay bar has filed a human rights complaint.

Asking what a woman is doing in a gay club is completely irrelevant.

Maybe she was gay, or her father was, or they just liked the food. And as far as her being banned simply for being a woman, that makes it completely sex discrimination, and I thought that was already illegal.

If Gays want to have their own bars, wonderful, go for it. Personally I would rather not be in a place where I am not welcome for any reason, and I definately would not launch a law suit over it."Private Property owners have a right to operate their establishments in any way they choose. I am a non-smoker for many years, but object to the GOVERNMENT making rules about it.

If Gays want to have their own bars, wonderful, go for it.

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