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This is not at all different from what you can already do.

In fact, Debian has been shipping the RPM package manager for a few years now.

It does support RPM, DEB and Slackware packages on a single system, but won't permit relationships among different package managers.

While cross-packaging system dependencies could be enabled easily, the packaging policies simply do not exist today.

It works with official sources from Mandriva or unofficial sources such as those from the Penguin Liberation Front. In addition to the now-defunct Mandriva Linux, it is also being used by: urpmi was developed as an experiment by Pascal Rigaux (Pixel) to address RPM install limitations; it was further maintained by François Pons and different Mandriva employees.

It is currently (2010-2013) maintained by Thierry Vignaud who was the maintainer of rpmdrake and one of the co-maintainers of the drakx installer and tools at Mandriva before he continued doing that job at Mageia.

You may want to export the public key in order not to have to type your password.It is not universal and is only written for the Mandriva Linux distribution and does not apply to other distributions that use other package management systems.RPM is a packaging system for Linux originally developed by Red Hat (but now maintained independendly), and are used by many of the major Linux distributions, including (but not limited to) Mandriva Linux, Red Hat, Fedora Core and SUSE. It makes installing and maintaining installed software in Linux easy.An RPM package contains either the entire compiled (binary) software, or in some rare cases the source code for the software so that you may compile it yourself (called a SRPM or Source RPM).Mandriva has developed some tools that makes keeping your system up-to-date, installing, removing and upgrading RPM's easier.

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