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Anti-drug vigilantes in Myitkyina flog a man accused of smoking meth.Those detained by the anti-drug Patjasan are often flogged with bamboo rods and forced to denounce drugs. Even in Myanmar’s unruly highlands, hunting down addicts and beating them sober is a crime.In 2013 he founded Panzagar, which means "flower speech", in response to the wildfire of anti-Muslim sentiment that has spread across the southeast Asian nation in the past two years, sparking deadly clashes.

The vigilantes snarl and wave it under La Seng’s nose. Accused drug users, captured in night raids by anti-drug vigilantes, are detained in wooden stocks inside a church in Myitkyina.

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One quarter of Myanmar’s estimated 52 million people live on less than per day.

In 2013, the United Nations’ Human Development Index ranked Myanmar as 149 out of 186 countries.

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