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I hate a goofy especially They always dyin' to mention me They gotta die out eventually I cannot give you the recipe You know the game is sold separately Swear I just had an epiphany It cost me 50 at Tiffany's Shout out to Tiffany, Stephanie They used to always come check for me My enemies wanna be friends with my other enemies I don't let it get to me [Hook: Drake] Done Look what I've done in my life I had to count it and count it again To make sure the money was right They love to talk Me, I'm just dunning the hype Me, I'm just dunning the hype Me I'm just done, done, done, done, done [Verse 2: Drake] I don't take this shit for granted I do my own propaganda I feel like Juelz Santana Leg hangin' out the Phantom 6 cold like Alaska Views already a classic Roy outta here like NASA Bustin' 1's out the plastic Her gram too poppin' to fuck her The chain too heavy to tuck it, I'm serious I feed my family with this So don't play with my money this summer, I'm serious I don't run out of material You shouldn't speak on me, period You try to give 'em your side of the story They heard it, but they wasn't hearin' it They feeling a way and won't hide it Niggas done being silent Don't get along man, we tried it What's the point of even tryin'?

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The Beatles and Whitney Houston are the only two other acts in the chart's history to ever achieve this, so clearly this is elite territory Drake is standing in now. The monumental moment is even bigger when you consider that Drake didn't have a No.

1 song as a solo male artist until are the only two albums that have spent more time at the top spot with 16 weeks and 21 weeks, respectively.

Elsewhere on the chart, Desiigner's "Panda" slides into the No. 1 on the Hot Rap Songs chart for 13 weeks and the No. The numbers are proof that Desiigner's breakout hit is clearly having its moment, but we have to give it up for Drake who definitely continues to smash all records and expectations with his latest release.

He bought her a stuffed shark doll that night, and now she's paying him back by showing some permanent love.

We're told the tat was done by celeb tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" Mc Curdy and our source says Drake got some ink as well.

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