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The manager of pop-star Trista loses her contract to Fingers without her agreement and she is threatened by the gangster.

A dedicated doctor seeks a blood donor that might have a rare blood type to save the life of his secret and unrequited passion, a beautiful epidemiologist who's married to a friend.

Like if girl is belong to south Indian and boy belongs to punjab.

Gittoes, a war photographer since the late `60s (he’s covered Vietnam, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Somalia, Iraq), a renowned im presionist in Australian art gallery circles, and director of a 2004 Iraq documentary called barely delves into the details about how the Lovett boys make money (there apparently aren’t many options except getting into the drug trade), but he certainly captures what the day-to-day is like. Feuds, shootings, territorial imperatives, macho bullshit. A cop tells Gittoes at one point that kids have used rocket launchers against each other.

After a frantic suicide attempt, Veronika awakens inside a mysterious mental asylum.

So, what I’m starting to add up in my head is that they will have one child a year.

Now, I know this is not scientific but my point is at that rate – if everyone in the country suddenly because devout Catholics – we would beat the crap out of China in the population race, marking probably the only time we would beat China in anything.

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