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Check out the Consolidation Loan FAQ or see the Learn More menu at the top of this page to find additional information on the topics of Eligibility, Interest Rates, Benefits and Repayment Options.

To find out which option is best for you click the link below.

As you weigh the pros and cons, keep in mind that timing is critical.

With just a few exceptions, you get only one chance to consolidate with the government loan programs.

However, federal loans, unlike most private loans, have borrowing limits, which may not allow a student to borrow enough to cover the entire cost of education.

It is nearly impossible to complete a college education without creating some level of student debt.

Loans, both Federal and private, make it possible for thousands of students every year to achieve their college goals.

But all too often those loans become a financial burden to graduating college students, and can leave them in very real economic distress.

Following graduation, students often find themselves with better job prospects, but with no immediate increase in income.

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