Symantec endpoint protection v11 not updating

This means that virus definitions and security updates are no longer being downloaded and installed through the Live Update feature.If you are still using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11, it is important that you upgrade to the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection immediately to ensure you are protected against the latest security threats.See this article: nnect/foru ms/officia l-status-s epm- defini tions-stay -31-12-200 9-last-upd ated-04-ja n-2010 Based on your first screenshot, it looks like you are receiving the latest virus definitions (the most current I believe is rev 124).Symantec's work-around for right now is to leave the date on the file as 12/31/2009 and increment the rev #.How long does it normally take to distribute the updates to all the workstations? Kind regards, mustekkzn Hi Pradeep Its been about an hour now since the update and I am still not having any luck what so ever.I The status of the definition updates are still the same. Kind regards, mustekkzn Hi josh2780 Thank you for your post. Just a quick question, will this "error" show the " yellow" icon, instead of the normal green icon on users workstations?Symantec Endpoint Protection version 12.1 can be downloaded at no cost through the Software Download Service at My Pitt.If you are not certain what version of Symantec Endpoint Protection you are using, launch Symantec and click the “Help” or “Help and Support” button in the upper right-hand corner of the window. If you recently received a pop-up message from Symantec indicating that your virus definition files are out of date, and you are unable to update them, this is another indication that you are using an unsupported version of Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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Departments can submit a help request to obtain Malwarebytes for multiple machines.

I only have the 14 workstations that seems be an issue.

Additional Clarification: The Intelligent Updater files are designed to update client installs for SEP or SAV only.

If this process displays any errors like return code 4 or the liveupdate does not complete then follow this document to uninstall liveupdate and reinstall liveupdate and re-register SEPM with liveupdate: om/SUPPORT /ent-secur ity.nsf/do cid/ 200710 0907303548 Regards, Pradeep Jhala Hi Pradeep Thank you for your post.

As per my screenshot, I have done as you suggested. Is it safe to presume that I dont do the uninstall and reinstall of liveupdate then? Hopefully I will be able to get to the bottom of this quickly with your help.

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