Allocentric and egocentric updating of spatial memories Skype fre sex chat

Much contemporary research has suggested that memories for spatial layout are stored with a preferred orientation.The present research examined whether spatial memories are also stored with a preferred viewpoint position.Participants learned locations of objects in a room, walked to the center, and turned to appropriate facing directions before making judgments of relative direction (e.g., “Imagine you are standing at X and facing Y.Point to Z.”) or egocentric pointing judgments (e.g., “You are facing Y. Experiments manipulated the angular difference between the learning heading and the imagined heading and the angular difference between the actual heading and the imagined heading.Although the literatures on human spatial cognition and animal navigation often make distinctions between egocentric and allocentric (also called exocentric or geocentric) representations, the terms have not generally been well defined.

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Lateral and forward displacements of the viewpoint resulted in increasing response latencies and errors.A hypothesis is presented describing the roles played by egocentric and allocentric information within the spatial updating system.Results are interpreted in terms of an existing neural systems model, elaborating the model’s conceptualization of how parietal (egocentric) and medial temporal (allocentric) representations interact. In order to gain insight into the nature of human spatial representations, the current study examined how those representations are affected by blind rotation.Participants learned the locations of an array of objects around them in a room, then were blindfolded and underwent a succession of passive, whole-body rotations.

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